A tribute to Chester Charles Bennington.

Why, is my question. It’s like a Carousel, he answers me. I didn’t want an answer. He goes on: It’s a proper Technique, a cycle. It’s an end!, I protest, it isn’t a perfect cycle at all! It’s not, son. You need to see as a Step Up. His voice was calm and shouldn’t be. Please, stop. Stop talking. Give me space And One moment for my memories. Part Of Me was taken away today…

It was sudden and hurt as deeply as Papercut. Looks small, but it’s painful. We think we’re One Step Closer to understand. We’re wrong. All that I want is to stay With You and I can’t. Why can’t I? We think we’re in charge, he says. There are Points of Authority we can’t even touch. He wants to comfort me and tries the approach, Crawling to me friendly. Give me a break! I just Runaway. I wanna believe that I’m in charge of something in this shit. I just need to do it By MyselfIn The End of the day, I want to know what it means. I need to. I swim in Lincoln Park lake. I breath and try to find A Place For My Head. This place will never be Forgotten. This is where everything began. Will it be, where I’ll find the Cure For The Itch?The lake Pushing Me Away, I just close my eyes. When I open them, I hope to see My December

Life is a Foreword, not the end. He says and holds me by the hand strongly. Please, Don’t Stay, I reply. I really don’t want you here. You shouldn’t be here, neither should I, it’s his response. Somewhere I Belong and so do you. You not here. I’m just Lying From You, for me. Because I need to! I get out of the lake soon as possible, but I can’t walk. I Hit The Floor in the lakeside. It should be Easier to Run, but I can’t. I can’t. I don’t even want it, my body doesn’t want to. It is about to Faint. Don’t be weak, he demand. Don’t be an incognito as a Figure.09, you’re more than that. I’m not. You don’t know it!, I cry. I depend on you. I can’t Breaking The Habit by myself! I’m always with you. Look From The Inside. I can’t! Can’t! He kneels down and looks into my eyes: Hey, Nobody’s Listening to you, but me. This is a Session. Just you and me. I got Numb. He hold me in his arms…

Wake up. Look to the skies wishing it was all a dream. In vain. It’s true, I just know. I have to stop fighting against the wave, Given Up of self-deception. Accept it and Leave Out All the Rest. It’s hurting now, it will be hurting for a long time. I have to let this Bleed It Out. It’s inevitable, like the Shadow Of The Day which reveals the night. You’ll always be by my side, right?, I ask the clouds. “Always. Just look for What I’ve Done”. I will, I say with my Hands Held High. Oh, if I could reach the sky. At least I can believe that’s No More Sorrow on him. That last Valentine’s Day. He was In Between beliefs and truths, fights and sufferings. Heroes has conflicts too. I did nothing. And I don’t know if I could. He was In Pieces. It’s ironic how The Little Things Give You Away. I smile. I cry…

I rise up as he had require. See you soon, Lincoln Park. I listen The Requiem. I watch the choir compound by six children. Never noticed The Radiance about it. It’s beautiful. It needs to be. I know that is a tribute for the new star Burning in the Skies. All of those Empty Spaces is now filled with art. Welcome, sir, the children greet me. I startle When They Come For Me. I stagnate as a Robot Boy before the innocence. They don’t know the “Jornada Del Muerto” yet. They’re beginning while I’m Waiting For The End. I’m looking for the Blackout and there are only lights here. Oh, Gosh! I have so much to learn with them! Distants as Wretches and Kings. With them I can find Wisdom, Justice, and Love. Thank you, I say. Thank you. You’re alive, you’re Iridescent as he was. Unfortunately, he Fallout. I gasp. He didn’t fall, sir, one of them says playing the role of The Catalyst. He rose, as the flower. And he answers me before I inquire: He says. My role is actually The Messenger

He would never leave you Lost In The Echo, he’s with you, the boy says. Oh, I thought he just go away and left me In My Remains, but he’s here to put me back together. I thought he just Burn It Down, but hey, look what he build up. Look what he did for you, for us, in a world of Lies Greed Misery, other kid — or angel — argues. “It’ll be a day that you think that I’ll Be Gone. Please, look before scream.”, he used to beg me. “We’re in a Castle Of Glass. We’re nothing before it, but we can build or break it. I choose build.” He didn’t Victimized himself. Yeah, he’s too good for this world and noticed that. Decided, therefore, to drive for Roads Untraveled and find his place. I can’t blame him. That’s right, sir, says a tiny girl, he met from land to skies, Skin To Bone. But it’s not his place at all. He wanted to keep building the castle Until It Breaks. Unfortunately, this is fragile as Tinfoil, I complete.
And he felt Powerless, in a world that will missing him for sure…

Thanks, angels. Take the Keys to the Kingdom for him. I take my earphones and play his voice. I know now that isn’t All For Nothing. I still feel Guilty All The Same, but this isn’t supposed to be easy. As the world. The Summoning of hate and intolerance. Of War. We used to be angry when seeing cities became Wastelands. Hungry feed by hope, Until It’s Gone. We saw Rebellion, but not peace. Only Mark The Graves when the night cames. We try to put a Drawbar and hold all misery, but looks impossible to stop the avalanche. Oh my God, looks like a Final Masquerade! Tell me you are not a coward, please! Show me something. I need more than kids, more than A Line In The Sand. Oh, it’s so hard. I just need you…

I fall on my knees and cry on the street, Nobody Can Save Me. A car honks and can’t stop. Good Goodbye. Saying goodbye for who?, he says. I’m Talking To Myself. Get out, coward!, I growl. I didn’t quit, he pulls me out of the car’s way. The war isn’t over, there’s a Battle Symphony now. Are you really here? If you want to, he whispers. Oh, I’ll never let you be Invisible.
I feel his true embrace for the very first time. Heavy, but safe. I’m Sorry for Now, I beg through my tears. Sorry for all. I’m– You’re Halfway Right, he interrupts me. And partly wrong to. And so am I. I have to go, alright? I nod. I let him. And he goes, finally. One More Light in the sky, but not any star. That one with Sharp Edges. The brightest one which will always sing for me…

A star known as Chester Charles Bennington.
Thanks for everything. You are eternal for me.

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